23 March 2016


When I heard the story of Gautam Buddha, my question was always about his wife and son that he left behind...this write-up by Vikram Bhattacharya touches that part of the story 
He left her in the middle of the night, the night their son was
born. When she heard the news
she was devastated.
Yet, she did not complain but her
life lost all meaning. The only
reason for her to live now was
her son. She wanted him to grow
up to be a man that the world
would look up to.
Her friends and relatives came
around and asked her to forget
about the man who had left her
and start life again.
They asked her to marry again
but she refused. She was young
& beautiful & suitors queued up
outside her door, but she refused each one of them.
Then one fine day he came back !
He stood in front of her and she could hardly remember him as the man who had left her. “They call you the Buddha now?” she asked him gently.
“I hear they do,” he answered in
a calm fashion.
“What does it mean?” she further inquired.
“I think it means the enlightened one, a knower,” he informed.
She smiled and then a silence.
“I suppose we have both learned something. Your lessons O Buddha, will make the world richer in spirit, but my lesson will unfortunately remain largely unknown.”
she reflected deeply....
“ And what lesson is that ? ”
  The Buddha probed.
Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears, “That a courageous woman does not need anyone to complete her.....
इंटरनेटवरून साभार....

28 June 2015

Sachinnnnnnnn Sachin

Sachin declared his retirement!!!! OMG.... Tendlya won't be there on the field...... Arre yaar.... Will it be a match worth watching without him??????? After his 200th test against WI, Sachin Tendulkar won't be seen on the field.... How do I to react to this news? Is it a news?? It is something like Kedarnath flood for me! More like God saying bye bye to all of us.... So many people were waiting for him to declare his retirement. After world cup, after T20 world cup, after champions trophy, after every series......

Everyone used to talk about him to retire! Why??? he has been giving India so much.... He kept everything aside and played his game.... may it be media shouting against his failure, may it be his team player got caught in fixing.... tremendous pressure.. He played his game.. He gave his techniques to the team. He taught us to be patient, he taught honesty, he taught to keep quiet in loud noise!!! He has been inspiration to every team player.... Every Indian... Every human on the Earth! Maybe aliens also know him!

Someone said "People will remember him for long time!" I would say nobody can forget him... His every inning has been remarkable and has been different and has always been cracking! He played his game. He accepted wrong decisions without displaying his anger on or even off the field.

 India's Cricket Match without Tendly is like curry without salt and porridge without sugar! Gosh.. I miss you Tedlya... Its been pleasure watching ur game. Thanks for entertaining us for 24 years!!!!

03 July 2013

My first page on FB...

I created a page on FB. My first page where I am able to post those photographs which were clicked by Me and Gopal. It has scenic photos from Cornwall, Scotland, Swiss Alps, Views from The Glacier Express (Slowest express!), flowers, The Sun, and much more. Here is the link to the page....

Our Photography page on FB

Hope you all like our photography page!

My B'day!

Had a wonderful day y'day. So many calls and so many wishes. I felt very much special and pampered. Had a nice cake, followed by dinner at Holiday Inn. It was a great time. The day lasted for 48 hrs. Additional celebration was with Radha, with whom I had veg pizza and grilled veg pahadi sandwich followed by steamy coffee.

21 June 2013


I always had a special corner in my heart for pasta.. The reason is despite numerous tries, I couldn't make it to the mark... not even better than previous attempt! So whenever someone offered me the same, I loved it and relished it.... until I met Parul... "Arre pasta... Bahot easy hai banaana..... Mai banaa ke khilaati hu." She said when I told her about Pasta.

She gave me a plateful pasta which was just awesome! Mouth watering yummy tasty and delicious one! She made it in white sauce. The one I love most! I don't like pasta in red sauce. May be because I didn't get a better one to taste. She had cooked the same for me on Rohan's B'day. I learnt it that day from her. She indeed is my Guru of Pasta.

It is a simple eggless recipe that has black pepper, oregano, basil, baby corn, milk and some maida (all purpose flour) and of course THE PASTA!!!!!. We cooked white sauce first and then added boiled pasta and baby corn pieces. To make it little spicy I added little chili flakes to it when I prepaerd it all on my own to give my friends a small treat.

Today, with special thanks to Parul, I can say I can cook pasta in white sauce to the mark! I feel happy when Rohan says "yippie yeyyyyyy.... Pastaaaa.. mmmm yum yummmm" :))

Recipe for the same is  here .

14 June 2013

14th June 2013...

I had planned the evening about 3 days ago.. Invited Radha, Vinaya and Priti to share a nice evening together. I wanted to treat them with something that I had never cooked for them before. I decided to cook pasta. With blessings and guidance from my guru of 'pasta in white sauce', Parul, I prepared it. It was well cooked, it was well prepared and was little towards a perfect pasta in white sauce.
It rained heavily. I was doubtful whether they could join me or no.. but they managed to come and make my evening precious!!!! Usually when we gather its all fun and silly jokes crack... Radha and Vinaya had been to Goa last week. Their experiences were shared about different places they visited, about eat outs and about the local atmosphere...... all in all it was good evening. After Radha went back, it was me and Vinaya who spent another hr together. We spoke about so many different things...
When I look back at my childhood time, I feel I couldnt bond myself with friends. But here at Elite Empire, I feel that the bond of our friendship is healthy. I feel comfortable in this group. I can laugh out loudly without even taking care of what someone else will feel if he or she hears me laughing loudly.... I dont care if someone comments about my loud character at such times. I feel free, I feel away from my routine. May be now I will have to arrange such get together again and again... :-) you know timely get-together si essential for healthy life... :-)) ...

08 June 2013

8th June 2013

Today I joined guitar class. There were two guitars kept. one was flat top guitar and the other one was arch top... I felt so good to hold it... moved fingers on strings, understood various parts and even practised minor e :-)

It was amezing experience! Just perfect to make my day. Later day was followed by cool breez and monsoon showers. Weather is changing so does the mindset. Feels like flying high in air and looking at the world from a different angle!